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Gallen Vending Services have the perfect “one stop shop” solution for the hotel Industry. Catching additional revenue from guests 24/7 is easy with well placed vending machines. We evaluate all common areas – the lobby, at lifts on all floors, in the gym lobby, in the parking garage etc. – there are real opportunities to up sell your guest and create revenue centres.

At any time – particularly when required by your guest – a vending machine can deliver snacks, drinks, coffee, tobacco, water and sanitary goods. These machines are installed by GVS at no cost to you. We then maintain, stock, service and ensure continuous operation all at no cost to you. We then offer an agreed commission on ALL sales – a revenue generator that requires no additional staff, stocking or servicing.

All our products are brand leaders and tailored to meet the demands of your customers with “service and commitment” being at the very forefront of our business model.

Please call us 074 9125 039 – for a no obligation evaluation of your property .

Snacks & Drinks Vending Machine Option:

  • Gallen Vending will install a machine which will vend drinks, crisps & bars to be restocked and serviced on a weekly basis or as required.
  • Gallen Vending will give an agreed commission on cash sales.
  • Gallen Vending will install the vending machine at no cost to the hotel.
  • Gallen Vending will be responsible for service, maintenance and cleaning of the above machine.

Cigarette Vending Machine Option:

  • Gallen Vending will install a vending machine which sells cigarette packs.
  • Gallen Vending will pay the €50.00 registration fee to the Office of Tobacco Control.
  • Gallen Vending will pay an agreed commision per pack sold.

Washroom Vending Option:

  • Gallen Vending will supply ,install & service washroom vending products as part of our overall hotel vending package.

Coffee Vending Machine Option:

  • Gallen Vending can install a Bravilor Bonamat bean to cup vending machine .The machine will dispense medium,strong and extra strong coffee,capuccino,lattes,mocachino,hot chocolate and hot water for tea.
  • Gallen Vending will provide 12oz vending double walled cups and lids along with milk,sugar and mixing sticks into the vend price.
  • Gallen Vending will be responsible for maintaining , cleaning and restocking the machine as necessary.
  • Gallen Vending will agree a commission based on unit sales of 100 or more cups sold per week.

Point- Of- Use Water Cooler Option:

  • Gallen Vending can provide a Point- Of -Use water cooler, floor standing ambient & cold water plumbed and fitted with 2 options:
  • Monthly rental plus vat which includes full servicing cover including 2 filter changes and cleans per year.
  • OR
  • Outright purchase of the above water cooler with no ongoing costs except filter changes twice yearly.


Gallen Vending can provide the hotel with a free coin service of €2/€1/50c/20c & 10c.Taking into account the cost of buying coin from main street banks this will account for a substantial saving to your hotel bank fees.

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