Snacks & Drinks Vending

A Gallen Vending Machine makes great business sense. We will evaluate the vending machine site ensuring the correct combination of snacks and drinks that suits your customers. After this evaluation we deliver the machine/s to your premises and we then take the responsible for the stocking, service, maintenance and cleaning. There is no instillation costs  – all you do as our customer, is to enjoy the agreed commission on the sales.

Its a win-win … Your customer has snacks and drinks available 24/7 and you have nothing to do just enjoy an additional, hassle free, revenue centre!

All our products are brand leaders and tailored to meet the demands of your customers with “service and commitment” being at the very forefront of our business model.

Snacks & Drinks Vending Machine Option:

  • Gallen Vending will install a machine which will vend drinks, crisps & bars to be restocked and serviced on a weekly basis or as required.
  • Gallen Vending will give an agreed commission on cash sales.
  • Gallen Vending will install the vending machine at no cost to you.
  • Gallen Vending will be responsible for service, maintenance and cleaning of the machine.

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